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***As of February 1st, 2018, I am not accepting new clients. I will update this website when I do have availability. Thank you! ~ Courtney 

Encompass yoga, counseling, body wellness, personal training. Golden, CO.

Effective Therapy Strategies

What is most bothersome to you today?

Low motivation? Anxiety? Mood swings?

Does it feel like everything is a struggle?

When the struggle switch is on everything in life is harder. In counseling we learn how to recognize when the struggle switch is “on” and make the choice to turn it “off” and return to the meaningful things in your life. 

Have you wondered if talk to someone would  really help?

It really does! The combination of talking (a cathartic process of letting go) mixed with effective therapeutic strategies (doing new actions) we have new experiences in our life.

In counseling we start with exploring the story that needs to be heard. Then we un-pack the details to create a plan to take effective actions.

Encompass yoga, counseling, body wellness, personal training. Golden, CO.

Counseling for Adults and Adolescents 

Why do people come to therapy?

  • Change the way they are thinking or feeling
  • Receive validation, support, and be safely challenged
  • Process life experiences, trauma, grief or loss
  • Find healing, peace, & self discovery
  • Improve quality of relationships
  • Learn coping strategies
  • Expand tool box of effective skills: communication, relationship, time management
  • We all want to feel better!
Encompass yoga, counseling, body wellness, personal training. Golden, CO.

Women Specific Counseling 

 Action →Connection →Empowerment 

I remember the lessons I was given as a little girl about how to exist in the world as a female. Lessons to teach me manners, safety,  and my role expectations as a female.

As people, we all have lessons and values that were given to us or “put upon” from early childhood. Some of those lessons we choose to keep, others we need to discard.

In counseling I help my clients explore female identity, how it has influenced their life, values clarification, and current struggles.

Encompass Healing, yoga, counseling, body wellness, personal training. Golden, CO.

3 Tips to Help You Start Doing What You Love

The topic of going after what you love, creating meaning and purpose, while also weaving passions into a career has become a frequent conversation for me. Read these simple three steps help you along this path of being successful and fulfilled!


I have known Courtney Taucher since 2009 when I first hired her as the Interdisciplinary Dual Disorder Therapist (IDDT) for our Housing First Program at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. I supervised her as the manager of these programs for two years. In 2012 she was promoted to a management position and we then worked together as peers on the management team at CCH. In her role as the IDDT therapist (Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment) for the housing first programs she provided co-occurring treatment to clients in both individual and group therapy. Providing treatment to people who are or have experienced homelessness means providing trauma sensitive/trauma specific treatment under the umbrella of trauma informed care. Courtney’s expertise in this area coupled with her ability to develop trusting relationships with clients as well as peers and students are why I feel confident writing a letter of recommendation for Courtney to provide Trauma Informed Care for Diverse Populations.

Elissa Hardy, LCSWColleague

I came to know Courtney initially as a consultant for Behavioral Treatment Services-BTS. Courtney’s diverse clinical and administrative experiences were of great benefit to BTS program implementation. Quickly, her expertise progressed into providing both clinical supervision and training for BTS.

Additionally, as clinical faculty at GSSW, I serve as the lead faculty member who oversees all trauma based courses in the graduate curriculum, to which Courtney has taught two courses as an adjunct instructor: Trauma Theory & Recovery and Intersections of Mental Health, Substance Use, & Trauma. First it should be noted that to teach graduate courses in social work, having a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) is required based on council for social work education standards. However, exceptions can be approved for those whom posses expertise in specific content areas and exceptional teaching aptitude. Courtney is one of these exceptions.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that I can attest to both Courtney’s knowledge and ability to teach, deliver, and mentor in content areas relating to addiction, mental health, and trauma. Most importantly, for both purposes of the content and student learning, I can speak to the passion and integrity that she evokes in her delivery and approach.

Courtney is committed to educating developing professionals through excitement, motivation, and accountability. She is able to parallel the mission of culturally responsive care to being culturally responsive as an instructor. As such, Courtney is not only attentive to, but modifies based on, audiences’ culture, including: cognitive, emotional, and physical needs. This is clearly demonstrated in how she establishes her courses and approach.

Brian Gonzales, LCSW, LACColleague

Courtney is very professional and easy to talk to. Her company is located in Downtown Golden which is very convenient.

Sondra WelshGolden Business Owner