Ready to Look Past the Labels

  1. Picture1Invite Awareness

Have you ever thought about “what is your identity”? Are there labels you have been wearing unintentionally? First step with anything is bringing our awareness to the things we want to potentially change. So take a look!


  1. Identify 50 things that make you happy

Can you name 50 things off the top of your head that bring happiness into your life? There’s huge value in looking at what truly makes you happy, makes you laugh, brings you peace, most importantly the little things! If you can easily list 50-make it 100!


  1. What are you passionate about?

Passion is what gets us excited! Knowing what you’re passionate about, preferably something that’s not your job. I say that because, what if your job/career suddenly goes away… think that can’t happen, oh it can. Preserving your biggest passions for your personal time means there’s always something to ground, settle, rescue, and ease those moments we all have.