Feeling naked?!?

I would have never guessed that this would be the topic people would want to talk to me about! I use to preach that I was “not spontaneous” and the most important things were having the stability and security of my house and job. I even remember having a first phone call with a man I was interested in, he casually said he likes a spontaneous woman, I bluntly said back “you’re looking for someone else!”…oh if he could see my life now.

The topic of going after what you love, creating meaning and purpose, while also weaving passions into a career has become a frequent conversation for me. I think it’s super cool that so many people are getting psyched by the idea of truly creating a life that’s fulfilling and full of meaning for them. BE BRAVE! Taking that stance can create a naked vulnerability that strips away the comforts of stability or familiarity. At the same time this vulnerability opens a space to experience, learn, be intentional, create, and live! I am by no means an expert on this topic for others or myself. What I can share is my experience of taking a leap of faith, learning curves & bumps, and life after jumping. My story is definitely not unique, I would love to hear yours too! So many people are working on creating more meaning, peace, and fun in their lives. Share your story with me privately at courtney@encompass-healing.com or on the Encompass Healing Facebook page. I look forward to hear from you.

3 Steps to Get Started 

pro-con1. Identify what’s working and not working and things you would like to change

This list can encompass everything from personal qualities, relationships, home,     employment, and hobbies.

2.Connect to your values

We all have values that were instilled in us growing up. Sometimes those values stay the same but more often than not, through our life experiences, we grow, change, meet new people, go through tough times…and voilà, what we valued has changed. Make a list of your values. You can start with the core values (deep internal) and then expand to values related to the external world (people, places, things).

3. Start moving!

Dreams live in our imagination, goals have steps. Select one thing from the Change or Add column to start working on it. List the first 3-5 steps it would take to make that change.

Peace, love, & laughter



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